Pisces Moon

With the Pisces Full Moon energy still resonating and a stream of beautiful Pisces Moon souls flowing into my life this week, I thought I’d update and expand this little piece from the Facebook page. Hope you enjoy!

Moon is the inner self. It’s how we feel on a day-to-day basis. How we nurture ourselves and others and how we allow ourselves to be nurtured. The transiting Moon (where the Moon is on any given day) will tend to be an emotional filter for how we experience the world. For example on an Aries Moon day, you’ll probably notice that people are driving much more aggressively than usual. On a day where the Moon is in Cancer, you may find childhood memories pulling you strongly into the past or crave the ritual of cooking a nice pot of soup or baking cookies.

Pisces Moon is ultra-sensitive to the immediate environment. Pisces is the sign of oceanic emotionality, of universal emotional connectivity. Which means that under the Pisces Moon, our visionary compassion is stimulated – we tend to feel more than ever that we are All-One. But the negative side of this transit is that we tend to be extra susceptible to bleed-through from the emotions of the people around us. It can be hard to tell which feelings are properly “ours” and which are feelings we’ve picked up from the people around us.

All of these qualities apply to Pisces Moon natives (Pisces Moon in your birth chart). Pisces Moon people, whatever their outer demeanor may be, are ultra-sensitive on the inside. Pisces’ biggest challenge is its inherent lack of boundaries, and learning how to have appropriate boundaries and to get (and stay) grounded can be a lifelong task for Pisces Moon people.

Pisces Moon is also easily influenced by entities in the astral realm – my feeling is that Pisces Moon people can, especially earlier in life, have a much harder time than other people with addiction – to drugs and alcohol, sure, but also and perhaps more frequently to energy vampires and to the kind of sexuality and/or fantasy that promises union with the Divine but ultimately leaves the native drained, depleted and disillusioned.

Where Pisces Sun natives are especially prone to physical addiction (Sun = the body), Pisces Moon natives are more drawn to psychological or emotional addictions. [This is a fine line, but seems to have validity in my experience. If you're the proud owner of a Pisces Moon, I'd love to hear your comment.]

Pisces feels so comfortable in the astral realms that the temptation to repeatedly use marijuana, alcohol or sex to escape into these dream-spaces can be a major block to moving forward in real life. Learning to use creativity, nature, meditation, visualization, mantra, energy work, etc., as portals to the higher realms of consciousness can greatly restore Pisces Moon people’s energy and self-confidence because it enables them to journey without paying the high price of having their energy drained by the entities that can come in when we use drugs, alcohol and sex to force open the aura.

The Need to Own Your Energy

One of the biggest challenges for Pisces Moon natives is owning their own energy. Because her aura is so naturally permeable, the Pisces Moon native tends to soak up the psychic energy of the people around her. Pisces Moon people often become overwhelmingly tired when they are stuck with people who are in a negative emotional state. This is especially true of close relationships but also extends to situations such as a negative work environment or even a city that is going through tough economic times or high crime and where the majority feeling tone of the populace is one of fear, negativity and despair.

Feeling energetically drained is a clear sign that your Pisces Moon is feeling overwhelmed, either because you’re allowing another person or entity to suck your energy or because you’re taking on the emotions or energy of another person or entity. (It takes a lot of energy to hold someone else’s negative emotions in your body!)

I always tell my Pisces Moon clients: “You have a right to your own energy. No matter how much someone else appears to be suffering, you are not helping them by letting them drain your life energy. And you’ll never be able to manifest your own destiny until you learn how to hang on to your energy.”

The Pisces Moon has its advantages. Not only are these people able to experience moments of transcendent beauty that few of us every attain to, the Pisces Moon can operate like a secret spy network for these people. Their extraordinary ability to psychically tap into the emotional currents of people and of the world and to see in the astral realm gives them a sort of sixth sense about what is going to happen next. For Pisces Moon people to thrive, however, they must develop a daily grounding and centering practice that enables them to:

  • Check in honestly with their emotions;
  • Discern which feelings are properly “theirs” and which feelings are emotional imprints they’ve picked up from others; and
  • Cleanse themselves of toxic emotional build-up and replenish their energy by grounding into the Earth.

Mastering their own energy won’t make these people less sensitive. But it will enable them to use that sensitivity to help their own cause, rather than depleting their energy to every energy vampire and hungry ghost that wanders through the room.

Tips & Tricks

  • There’s a great little book called The Art of Psychic Protection by Judy Hall with a whole bunch of easy and effective visualizations for cutting ties to energy vampires and grounding yourself in a healthy way. She also mentions stones and flower essences that help with specific conditions.
  • One of my mentors, New Orleans Psychic Cari Roy, recommends carrying a piece of petrified wood in one’s left pocket and a piece of red jasper in one’s right pocket. I found this practice tremendously helpful in learning to navigate the highly-charged psychic environment of New Orleans without being totally swamped.
  • I also recommend the black stones — tourmaline, jet, onyx, obsidian — for reflecting away negative energy. Just remember to clean your stones of accumulated energy occasionally by “smoking” them with sage, washing them under running water, etc.
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  1. Thomas
    Posted February 27, 2015 at 11:56 am | Permalink | Edit

    Ohh I forgot. I’m a Cancer Rising, Pisces Moon and Virgo Sun.

  2. Crystal
    Posted March 1, 2015 at 10:29 pm | Permalink | Edit

    Hi. This article really helped me understand exactly why I am so attuned to other people’s emotions and energies. My intuition runs really high too and if I’m not careful to keep grounded thru meditations and prayer, I tend to get lost in my thoughts and daydreams. It’s important to keep a good balance. Im Leo/Pisces/Leo and Im super glad I was created that way. :) I’m pretty fiery but the Pisces moon keeps me in check and quite compassionate.

  3. Andrea
    Posted March 14, 2015 at 5:25 pm | Permalink | Edit

    Being an Aries sun sign I could never quite understand why I didn’t fit the profile entirely until I learnt I was a Pisces moon!!! I’ve always felt that I could be two very different things, confident sometimes and other times not. Always have been able to pick up on others emotions and have a hard time hiding mine. The comment about feeling tired and drained from over whelming emotions is me too although I do seem to have an inner strength to recover which must be the Aries coming through. Really interesting article thank you.

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