Horoscopes for Week of August 29

2011 Horoscopes for All Signs – by Astrologer DK Brainard

Virgo, the goddess of the harvest. Photo by ##http://www.flickr.com/photos/mcdermottd/##pdam2##.

We start the week under the auspices of the extraordinary Virgo New Moon (Sunday, Aug. 28 at 11:04 pm EDT, 5 Virgo 27.) This New Moon makes a Grand Earth Trine (a big, helpful triangle in the Earth signs) with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus. I’ve covered this New Moon in more detail in September’s Expanded Audio Horoscopes – it’s a rare and powerful configuration and I hope you’ll take the time to intentionally tune in to it and use this energy to make your world a better place. Both because I’m rooting for you and want you to be happy and because whenever you beautify your world, you make mine better too.

This positive ‘new beginnings’ kind of energy continues throughout the week. Mercury has now returned to direct motion, meaning we should regain control of our thinking faculties and start to experience a newfound clarity as the week rolls on. And the Sun makes a creative trine with lucky Jupiter (exact on Friday) – this is a wonderful, positive, flowing energy. All in all, this week’s astro-weather should help us finally make significant progress in the projects that have been languishing in Mercury Retroland. We can also expect to make helpful connections, both mental and interpersonal, that enable us to make sense of what we were experiencing during the Mercury Rx and formulate a viable strategy going forward.

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September 2011 Astrology, Week of August 29 – September 3

Aries Horoscope 8/29 – 9/3 – What if this period of challenge you’ve been going through is designed not to punish or thwart you but to help you identify and implement the system that’s required to make your dreams come true? Sunday’s New Moon urges you to find the common ground between your mind and your heart. What actions, activities, and relationships create a bridge between your thinking mind and the soulful side of you that needs to feel impassioned and alive? Once you answer this question, it’s a short step towards embracing the self-discipline or investing in the self-healing that will enable you to move your life ever more deeply into that place.  P.S. With your ruling planet Mars still stirring up old emotions, you might need to become aware of a parental taboo or family shadow that keeps you from acknowledging your soul’s deepest desires.

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Taurus Horoscope 8/29 – 9/3 – It’s time to get detailed about what you want to create in your life. Sunday’s extraordinary New Moon in your 5th House urges you to become aware of an old pattern of thought or limiting belief and let it go. This belief system probably tells you that you’re not good enough to do, be, or create what you really long to create. But don’t you think there’s a reason you’ve held onto this dream in your heart for so long? I do. And the powerful energies set in motion this week can help you achieve that goal. Tune in as precisely as possible to what it looks, feels, sounds, smells and tastes like when you’ve realized your dream. And then ruthlessly look at the psychological forces that have conspired to keep you from your dream. Notice I didn’t mention other people, the economy, or how hard life is. Those challenges are givens for all of us. What you need to find is the way you’ve internalized life’s difficulties and used them to criticize, punish or hold yourself back. When you release that pattern, it’s just a matter of time until you’re standing triumphantly on the mountain top.

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Gemini Horoscope 8/29 – 9/3 – I know you’re glad to have Mercury direct, but did you know you get a double mental bonus this week? Since Mercury (the natural ruler of thought) returns to direct motion in your 3rd House of thoughts and communication, he creates a doubly positive field in which to express yourself. Whether you’re writing, teaching, speaking or communicating via social media, you finally feel able to say what you mean and you get your ideas across with power and clarity. Sunday’s New Moon in your 4th House casts a new light on a parental, family or domestic matter – and the emotions associated with it. This New Moon can be amazingly helpful, if you allow yourself to tune in to what you’re really feeling. Writing, journaling or just telling your story to a friend or counselor who is able to listen can be immensely healing this week.

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Cancer Horoscope 8/29 – 9/3 – Whatever you’ve been trying to figure out about money should start swimming into focus this week as Mercury returns to direct motion in your 2nd House. Mercury is the ruler of your 3rd House of thoughts, which is where Sunday’s powerful New Moon is urging you to make a new beginning. A simple but effective way to track your thoughts about money, abundance and self-esteem (another 2nd House quality) is to listen to the words that come out of your mouth all week. Eavesdrop on your conversations and look over your own shoulder while you’re writing emails or messaging on Facebook. Are you affirming the imminent arrival of the things you need and desire? Or bemoaning the scarcity in the world? Remember that, as Wayne Dyer says, “The Universe says ‘yes’ to every thought you have.”

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Leo Horoscope 8/29 – 9/3 – OK, so you’ve got a super-powerful New Moon happening in your money house this week. What do you do? You have to do what feels best for you, of course, but here’s how I’d play it. (1) Identify what’s lacking in your life as far as the money, tools or other assets you feel you need to accomplish the next step in your life’s work. (2)  Ask yourself if you believe you deserve this support. (3) Identify any unconscious behaviors that might be blocking the resources from flowing to you. (4) Use the power of the New Moon to set your intention to become aware of those behaviors and release them. (5) Focus on how you can give more benefit to your clients, customers, employers or audience without compromising your integrity. (6) Give yourself a pat on the back and know that those resources are now on their way to you.

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Virgo Horoscope 8/29 – 9/3 – Multiple stellar influences combine to usher in a new and positive era in your life. Yesterday’s New Moon in your sign serves notice that it’s time to radically update your self-image and revitalize the persona you wear as you go about the business of your life. But take note: No pressure! With your ruling planet Mercury slowly returning to direct motion in your 12th House, this self-improvement project could take a while. That’s the way you like to do it anyway – first you have to understand the reasons why a change is necessary and then it takes time to overcome your doubts and get everything lined up as clearly as possible. And then you can actually implement the new design. So take your time, but know that it is time for you to step into your power. P.S. A teacher, wise counselor or spiritual technique that has helped you in the past can help you make this transition with dignity and integrity.

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Libra Horoscope 8/29 – 9/3 – A New Moon in your 12th House of the deep unconscious mind – like the one that hits this week – is definitely not the most glamorous energy signature. In fact, this next three or four weeks is traditionally considered a time to pull back from the chaos of the outer world and focus on your inner life, particularly in reviewing what you’ve experienced since your last birthday. Your 2011 ‘life review’ can be so powerful, because this New Moon connects all of the ‘soul houses’ in your chart. If you’re willing to resolutely look beneath the surface, you can gain a lifetime’s worth of understanding into the ways you’ve sabotaged yourself based on the unhealthy emotional patterns you received from your parents and your cultural milieu. Work with this energy because you’re going to want a clear slate once your highly dynamic birthday month arrives.

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Scorpio Horoscope 8/29 – 9/3 – Your career or public sphere starts making more sense this week. As Mercury slowly moves forward in your 10th House, you start to gain insight and clarity about what it is you’re actually doing with your life (and your reputation!). This week kicks off a very powerful three-week period in which you can make great strides towards consolidating the hard work you’ve done in the last couple years while also tuning in to your next magnificent obsession. Speaking of which, this week’s New Moon in your 11th House wants you to make room for a powerful new partnership. This seems more like a consultant, agent, publicist, business partner or artistic collaborator than a romance. But do open up a little room in your life for this new person to come in, especially if that means distancing yourself from a friend or group that isn’t really headed the same direction you’re headed.

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Sagittarius Horoscope 8/29 – 9/3 – “Between thought and expression,” says Lou Reed, “lies a lifetime.” That may be true, but this week’s supercharged New Moon in your 10th House is urging you to start this week investing the thought necessary to take your career to the next level. Note: You’ve got a few weeks to actually complete the detailed analysis and implement your updated strategy. With Mercury just returning to direct motion, you might not be feeling mentally whip-smart just yet. But you might also consider hiring a consultant, branding guru or other relevant expert to help you for a few weeks. Because if you’re willing to do the work necessary to identify and release activities and time investments that aren’t working for you, this powerful New Moon can help you make a quantum leap into doing more of what your soul wants to do – and getting paid for it!

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Capricorn Horoscope 8/29 – 9/3 – You could see yourself in such a new light this week it changes the course of your life. You might just see a facet of yourself you’ve always known was there but never had the faith to bring out into the light. Either way, Sunday’s New Moon in your 9th House of the higher mind wants you to identify and release an old critical way of looking at yourself that shuts out the God inside you. “Look inside your mind,” says Rumi. “Do you hear the crowd gathering? Help coming, every second. Still you cover your eyes with mud.” Make the choice to uncover your eyes and allow the Divine that is your true Self to shine forth into your life this week.

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Aquarius Horoscope 8/29 – 9/3 – Part of the challenge in getting the relationship you want is your reticence to tell others what to do. You understand the unique value each person in your life brings to the table and you’re loathe to try to change someone else and risk devaluing their uniqueness – Lord knows you’ve been on the receiving end of that energy often enough. But you can learn the difference between meddling in someone else’s psyche and firmly stating your own preferences. Trying to change someone else is like trying to change your face by painting on the mirror. But when you do the work required to identify your personal preferences and set healthy boundaries, you give the great gift of allowing the other person to change in a soulful and integral way. And if after a certain time they choose not to respect your boundaries, you’re free to find someone who will.

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Pisces Horoscope 8/29 – 9/3 – You start getting clearer ideas about that schedule thing that kept coming up in August, now that Mercury is finally moving forward again in your 6th House of work and service. I say ‘schedule’ but you might be experiencing this as a series of revelations about your health or about what you need to change in order to have the energy required to keep up with your awesome creative schedule! In her book Imagining Einstein, Barbara With defines compassion as “the mechanism that allows consciousness to freely manifest matter in physical reality on Earth while remaining anchored in the Void through the use of circular gravitational waves radiating from the point of origin.” Notice the absence of caretaking, codependency and saccharine niceness from this definition? Your chart shows that the single biggest change you can make to help you manage your energy better comes in the form of trimming the fat in one or more key relationships. So set your intention and make it so.

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