About D.K.

I could tell you a whole lot about the roles I play and the various identifiers I’ve employed to describe who I am and what I do. But I’d rather invite you to look around the site. There’s a ton of free words, audio, and video created for the purpose of helping us reconnect to who we are on a soul level. And I AM much more comfortable being described by the stream of creativity that flows through me than I am with a static description.

Here’s a beautiful account of the experience of having a reading with me by my friend Camille D’Anna Leinbach:

D.K. Brainard and His Healing Words.

As I sat down reflecting on what to write for this latest version of my bio, my mind kept drifting back to a time when I stood on the shore of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans, barefoot in the sand on an empty, pre-Katrina beach, with a stick in my hand. I was tracing the letters
in the sand with the stick, praying with all my heart my accustomed prayer at that transformative time in my life: “Make me a hollow bone for your service.”

The phrase comes from the Native American medicine man Fools Crow, who said that all healing comes as a result of the “healer” becoming a hollow bone that the Divine Power can flow through. A Course in Miracles reiterates that same theme when it says,

DK, Roya and Incantare

DK, Roya and Incantare

“Whenever a teacher of God has tried to be a channel for healing he has succeeded…Having offered love, only love can be received…It is in this that the teacher of God must trust. This is what is really meant by the statement that the one responsibility of the miracle worker is to accept the Atonement for himself. The teacher of God is a miracle worker because he gives the gifts he has received.”

And of course Jesus said, “The Son can do nothing on his own accord, but only what he sees the Father doing, What the Father does, the Son does likewise.”

As far as credentials go, I’m a certified hypnotherapist, an internationally popular consulting astrologer, a Reiki healer, sound healer, and a former bicycle messenger, house painter, vegetable juice maker, technical writer, and newspaper boy.

But what concerns us here is my ability to be a channel for the Divine power and love that are your birthright. This is what I fervently and joyfully desire — to help you see yourself for who you are. Because in that moment I remember the meaning of the Mayan In Lak’ech and the Hindu Namaste — IAM another you. And in this moment we are healed together and the salvation of the world is remembered as being the only possible outcome.

We are stardust, we are golden. And my intention with this work is to facilitate a sacred space in which we remember that we are already back in the Garden. It’s there inside awaiting our love and recognition.

“How can I be of service?”

— D.K. Brainard, 6/6/2010