Horoscopes for Week of October 17

This may be graduation week for some of us with our Saturn in Libra lessons. While Saturn remains in the sign of the scales for another year...
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Danger Opportunity: The 2011 Aries Ingress

Here’s the key when Uranus strikes: the more willing we are to let go of the ego’s demands for continuity and conservation of the status quo, the better off we’ll be...
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Saturn in Libra * Win Win Relationships

Saturn's exalted status in Libra gives us a unique opportunity to recreate the way we do relationships, both as individuals and as a society. In this video, DK explains why this process starts with taking back our power from the media, family patterns and the social pressure to put up fronts and interact from behind the illusory safety of a false persona...
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August Video Forecast

Mars in Libra is amping up the Cardinal Climax — the historic alignment of outer planets Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto stationed on the grid of the World Horoscope in August. Some astrologers are predicting a meltdown on a par with the Great Depression or 1930s Germany. My take? It could happen. Anything could happen […]
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Saturn * The Archetype of Authority

When Saturn changes signs or houses, he challenges us to become the authority figure in that part of our life. DK looks at how Saturn in Libra is challenging us to develop our own inner authority so that we don't have to be dominated, bossed or burdened by other people or "outer" forces. Running time: 4:12
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